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Our Testimonials

Exhibitors and Speakers from past CCEE events:

Yu Chen, Overseas Sales Dept.

“This was first time Facebook attended a CCEE exhibition. We’ve been happy to share the latest worldwide trends from Facebook, and also to help Chinese small and medium sellers to better perform in global markets.”

Eli Liu, Business Director

“This is the second time Google has cooperated with the CCEE exhibition. I was happy to have deep conversations with many cross-border e-commerce sellers and Chinese factories. We hope that through our support, Chinese cross-border e-commerce vendors and manufacturers will better develop their global business.”

Yuan Jiang, Sales director

“We have been working closely with Cifnews for a long time. Here at CCEE we have met many valuable attendees from all over the world, including experts and leaders from many industries. We look forward to the next event in Hangzhou.”

Li Tianyu, China BD Manager

“We have witnessed the growth and development of CCEE, and have gained a lot of target customs by participating. CCEE events keep getting better! eBay is a great choice for entering the cross-border e-commerce industry - that's why we will continue to participate in CCEE in the future.”